02 Jul 2019

Why is a Customer Support Service desk important for a support team?

There are so many ways for customers to contact the business world such as Email, Social Media, Telephone, etc many companies wonder what the need would be to add an additional tool and potentially raise complications.

When using a tool such as, email to manage support issues then things can easily run into complications that require a lot more procedural preparation for than should necessary be required.
•    How do you handle issues currently in a user’s inbox when...


02 Jul 2019

Why customer support is more than just fixing problems?

The disadvantage for all Customer Support personnel is that they are the first point of call for customers when there is an issue, not only do they need to have a comprehensive understanding of the product that they are supporting they also need a high level of patience, empathy, social awareness and time management.

They will find that they are dealing with multiple upset customers who have a pressing need for their issue to be resolved. The Support Agent will need to be empathetic and...


02 Jul 2019

Exceptional customer support should be at the forefront of your business

Today I have been listening to James Lloyd speech on Customer Service.

It is brilliant to see that one fantastic experience to lead such a motivated speech that has led to an enthusiastic speech even 2 years later, although what I find more phenomenal is how many others have shared this story (even us within this blog post).

What is always interesting is the varying range of comments from different people, supporting this story “I worked retail for my first 20 years in biz and it’...


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