02 Jul 2019

Why customer support is more than just fixing problems?

The disadvantage for all Customer Support personnel is that they are the first point of call for customers when there is an issue, not only do they need to have a comprehensive understanding of the product that they are supporting they also need a high level of patience, empathy, social awareness and time management.

They will find that they are dealing with multiple upset customers who have a pressing need for their issue to be resolved. The Support Agent will need to be empathetic and set expectations, just because the customer believes their issue is the most important doesn’t necessarily mean that it is (or that it isn’t), within an empathetic manner as to not make a customer more upset. They will also need patience as no to issue are the same (even if on the surface they appear the same).

Once the customers issue has been resolved and the solution has been given then customer service process usually dictate that this issue is marked as resolved and then the customer communication is closed. Customer support however is being proactive and at the forefront of the customers mind, so after a certain period of time you would then go back to the customer to make sure that the same issue has not reoccurred since and they haven’t had any undesirable side-affects or issues since this fix.

The customer support approach means that not only is it a customer first approach but also that you are making things as simple as possible. The more proactive you are the more likely you are to come up in conversations with the customer and potential leads when they are discussing products or services within your domain.