02 Jul 2019

Exceptional customer support should be at the forefront of your business

Today I have been listening to James Lloyd speech on Customer Service.

It is brilliant to see that one fantastic experience to lead such a motivated speech that has led to an enthusiastic speech even 2 years later, although what I find more phenomenal is how many others have shared this story (even us within this blog post).

What is always interesting is the varying range of comments from different people, supporting this story “I worked retail for my first 20 years in biz and it’s the little things you do for people like opening the door early (or late) and helping them that make all the difference in the world” and those that disagree saying “This is the generation that calls Millenials entitled. ‘Oh...I have their address memorized and a lifelong vendetta because they would not open TWO HOURS EARLY for me!’ That is the worst kind of entitled attitude right there. ”

Those that have a negative opinion appear with a limited mindset of “The person there may not be the one to allow shoppers in early”, however, the point is, that if the change is not made at the top of an organization then Customer Service representative will always be in the firing line. Making the customer experience as memorable as possible, like in this scenario, will make the customers want to keep doing business with you and recommend whenever someone asks for recommendations within your sector. It will also make the customer service your culture that will continue through all employees.