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What does our terminology mean?

Customizable to your needs

You spend so much time and potentially money creating a brand for your company and products, why should the products you use not allow the same branding?

The CloudSPRT platform can be updated, modified and designed to look and feel like part of your company products rather than an ugly bolt-on.
We can even assist in this if required.#

Role Based Access

You spend so much time making sure you have the best practises for securing your online precence, why should your support tools fall short?

The cloudSPRT platform allows you to give staff and customers the relevant access to perform the neccessary tasks. This can help against data leaks as customers can only see their own data.

Custom Domain

Just because you are using a third party platform as the base for your customer support doesn't mean your customers should have to remember a different company URL.

The CloudSPRT platform can use a custom domain to improve the Customizablity and integrate better with your company.
This means instead of using something you can use so your custimers have a single experience.

Email Notifications

You set up call forwarding to make sure you don't miss important calls when you're not at your desk, why should your support tools be limited to a single location?

The CloudSPRT platform uses Email Notifications to make sure that no critical issues are missed by the relevent users rather than a specific person.

Many More...

We are constantly updating our features to make sure that we can provide the best platform for you to be able to provide the best support for your customers.
We can even create customizations to make sure that your platform fits seemleesly into your company without you having to jumps through hoops, all you need to do is just ask.#
If you are looking for a specific feature or have an idea on how we can improve then we would love to hear about it. You can let us now by going to our Support Helpdesk and creating a new request.

Note: # - This may require a longer term contract but will not incur additional costs.